Notice of Privacy



In accordance with the Federal Law of Data Personal in Possession of Individuals (the “Act”), Dr. Piletti, being head physician of CEO MEXICO and representation to below mentioned as CEO MEXICO with address at: Av Tulum, Mz.01,. Lot 01 SM.12, Av Nizuc Esquina Hospital Galenia second phase Floor 5 office 503, St. Mary Sike , 77505 Cancun , Quintana Roo , Mexico. Recognizes that the privacy and security of your data Personal and Data Personal Sensitive or those of their represented , in his case , those which have the meanings that are attributed in Article 3 of the Act, constitute rights of utmost importance to you or for its represented , in his case , by him which CEO MEXICO is located obliged to protect them under the more high levels of security legal, technological and administrative , committing at all times not to sell, share or disclose the same to third parties for purposes lawful or contrary to the purpose for the which the gives its holder. In virtue of the foregoing, the present Notice of Privacy is extended to all the information including the Data Personal and Data Personal Sensibles collected by CEO MEXICO, its business affiliates and subsidiaries , as well as by third parties with which CEO MEXICO celebrate or go to celebrate regarding contractual some , in effect to give to you or your represented , in his case , the services custom of that is concerned . In consequence , we allow ask to read carefully the Terms and Conditions contained in this document , signing to the fit of the same their acceptance , as well as its authorization for the service and transfer of their data in terms of the present document:



Information Collected.


For purposes of presentation of services by CEO MEXICO, it must collect data Personal and Data Personal Sensibles such as : name , date of birth , sex , address , phone set , phone mobile , e – mail , services aesthetic , health food , medical , cosmetics or vitamins to which currently are being subjected and which could interfere in the implementation of the service of beauty or aesthetic applied to CEO MEXICO, conditions or states physical that could interfere in the implementation of the service of beauty or aesthetic applied to CEO MEXICO, making of anticoagulants , creams wrinkle that contain Vitamin a, retinol or acid retinoic that in its case is being applied , services with acid glycolic and / or isotretinoin to that in his case is there subjected . If account with a graft , tattoo or make permanent the area in which CEO MEXICO apply the service of beauty or aesthetic requested , if you have sensitive skin or any allergy , if it has been subjected to any intervention surgery on the area ‘s which will apply the service of beauty or aesthetic applied to CEO MEXICO during the last 3 months or if you use any contraceptive oral or patch . In the service of such information , CEO MEXICO undertakes and obliges to observe and comply with the principles of legality , consent , information , quality , purpose , loyalty , proportionality and responsibility in accordance with the Law.



Use of Data Personal and Data Personal Sensibles .


The Data Personal and Data Personal Responsive , that you , personally or as a representative , as is the case , provide a CEO MEXICO, will the use which is described below: To identify , locate it , communicate with you , to BE ABLE providing the services of services of beauty or aesthetic requested under the most high standards of quality protecting against all their welfare , offer new products and services of CEO MEXICO, give information on products and services of CEO MEXICO existing , offer promotions of products or services of CEO MEXICO, remind appointments , provide follow – up to the services hired or for that CEO MEXICO to give compliance to the legislation in force. The use of Data Personal and Data Personal Sensibles will relationship directly with the relationship that you or your represented, in his case, has to CEO MEXICO.



Transfer of Data Personal and Data Personal Sensibles .


The Data Personal and Data Personal Sensitive , provided by you are shared by CEO MEXICO with its business affiliates and subsidiaries , as well as with third parties with which CEO MEXICO celebrate or go to celebrate relationship contractual one .


Revocation of Consent.


At all times you or your representative to through him , as appropriate , may revoke the consent that in your case granted to CEO MEXICO for the service and / or transfer of your data Personal and Data Personal Sensitive or those of their represented , in his case , so that the result from their application in accordance with the law, leave to make use of them .



Commitment to privacy


CEO MEXICO is fully committed to regulatory compliance, in particular, and regulations related to the protection of personal data in force at all times, being a priority objective for it. Therefore, CEO MEXICO has decided to implement the following principles, privacy being the basis on which all the treatments performed are configured: Transparency in the processing of data is one of the priorities of CEO MEXICO, so whenever you need to collect personal data, you will be duly informed through the corresponding privacy policy, including, among other aspects, the purposes of said processing. The processing of personal data that is strictly necessary to provide the service that, where appropriate, requests. Accessibility and proactivity , whenever possible, to make available simple means that allow you to control your personal data. The non-transfer to third parties of your personal data, except for those providers that provide a service to CEO MEXICO , or those on which, previously, CEO MEXICO has informed you and received your consent in this regard. The confidentiality of personal data that is collected and processed by CEO MEXICO , guaranteeing the adoption of adequate security measures to protect them.



Sending commercial communications.


CEO MEXICO, within the framework of your promotional activity, can provide resources for the registration or subscription to news or commercial information related to CEO MEXICO. These resources will always be subject to your prior and express consent to send them. In the event that you have authorized it, CEO MEXICO will send you information about your products, activities and personalized services, according to your tastes and preferences. Likewise, and if you have also expressly consented to it, you may receive information related to CEO MEXICO contests and / or raffles, as well as your corporate events and events near your location.



Confidentiality and Security in data processing


Your personal data is very important for CEO MEXICO, so you agree to treat them with the utmost confidentiality and discretion, as well as to implement all those security measures that you deem appropriate and reasonable. In this regard, CEO MEXICO declares and guarantees that it has established all the technical means at its disposal to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of data provided by users. Likewise, CEO MEXICO constantly reviews its security measures to ensure that they are always up to date.



Social networks


Social Networks are part of the daily life of many Internet users, and for this they have created different CEO MEXICO profiles in them. All users have the opportunity to join the pages or groups that CEO MEXICO has in different social networks. However, you should keep in mind that, unless we request your data directly (for example, through marketing actions, contests, promotions, or any other valid form), your data will belong to the corresponding Social Network. Therefore, it is recommended that you carefully read their conditions of use and privacy policies, as well as make sure you set your preferences regarding the processing of data.



Changes to the General Privacy Policy


CEO MEXICO reserves the right to make updates of this General Privacy Policy at any time. The modified General Privacy Policy will be published on the corporate website. However, in the event that CEO MEXICO makes any substantial change in the processing of your personal data, we will let you know through a notification to your email or phone, or by announcing these changes on our website.